Stay warm & save on your heating with quality curtains

When winter arrives, often all we do is turn on the heaters, with an estimated 30% of NZs household energy being used on heating, according to Sustainable Living. Often a lot of that heat is lost through the ceiling, windows and doors, and many of us don’t think about how we can stop the heat escaping, instead continuing to pay hefty heating bills to stay comfortable. If you’re looking for a better way to keep your home warm and save on your heating bill, read on!

Between 20-30% of heat is lost through your windows alone, according to Consumer NZ. The great news is that good quality and well fitted curtains will significantly reduce the heat loss from your windows, and help cut your heating bill!

How do curtains reduce heat loss?

Curtains made with quality fabric and lining, and that are fitted properly, will trap a layer of air between the window and the curtain, preventing the flow of cold air from the window into the room. Without that flow of cold air, rooms will retain their warmth for longer and therefore won’t need as much heating to stay cosy. Curtains are effective at reducing heat loss on both single and double-glazed windows.

How should curtains fit to provide the best insulation?

To get the best insulation from curtains they need to form a seal over your window. Without a seal, the cold air close to the window will flow out from behind the curtain and the warm air from the room will replace it – continuously cooling the room.

To create the best seal, the curtain needs to fit the dimensions of each window correctly, which is why pre-made curtains aren’t as effective at managing heat loss. This means curtains need to be:

  • wider than the window frame, with the edges touching the wall when drawn
  • close fitting to the wall or window frame
  • floor length to stop the flow of cold air out the bottom
  • overlapping in the middle when drawn

At Wanganui Furnishers we make all of our curtains to fit your specific window sizes and install them for you, so we can ensure they provide the best possible insulation for each room.

Which fabric and lining provides the most warmth?

Heavy fabrics and thermal lining are particularly effective at keeping the cold out. The added advantage of many of our linings is that they also block out light and reduce noise!

We have an extensive range of fabric and linings, many of which are designed specifically to keep your home warm while still looking amazing. If you already have well fitted, quality curtains but need more insulation, check your linings. If they are thin or worn out, we can replace those too.

New curtains not only improve the appearance of your rooms, they also make a substantial impact to the warmth and therefore help reduce your heating bill. To find out more about our custom-made curtains, or for advice on which fabric and styles would be most effective at keeping your place warm, visit our experienced team at 33 Victoria Ave, or email us at

Posted: Thursday 7 March 2019